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My name is Devin Jolly. Most know me online as Lightling (or Light for short). I am a game development and design student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

I design and develop games under the alias Goldenwere. I have been working with games since I was 12 and have developed an ever-growing passion for the field. I currently work on multiple independent projects to work with many areas of design and development.


Below are some select game/software projects I've worked on

Moon Settler

Puzzle City-Builder | Unity (C#)

Casual sci-fi puzzle game: city-building with a focus on placement puzzles rather than resource management

Project Archivist

Backup Utility | Electron (HTML/CSS/JS, Node.js, and more)

Creates batch scripts based on input for use in archival/backup purposes using 7-Zip add command

Light-Suite Websites

HTML/CSS/JS, jQuery, Electron, JSDOM

Websites I maintain for myself, my Goldenwere brand, and the LightVerse (a collection of lore for my games, music, art, and other projects)


HTML/CSS/JS, Vue, jQuery, and more

Website revolving around the VR narrative mystery game Changeling