About Me

A photo of Devin / Lightling

As a Student

I am a student at the Rochester Institute of Technology, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Game Design and Development. I am a member of the Honors program and I am pursuing creative writing as an immersion.

As a Developer

I first grew interested in game design when I was 12 upon checking out a library book on Unity development with Unity 3.x that was geared toward developing an adventure game. I started my first major project, Unknown Entity, in 2015. Since then, I've worked on a number of other personal projects as well as a couple team projects in an academic setting.

A screenshot of Unknown Entity A screenshot of Unknown Entity 2
A screenshot of Unknown Entity A screenshot of BRPG

I have been designing my own sites/pages for some time now. Originally, I worked with the WYSIWYG program openElement, then eventually moved to writing completely with code using either Atom or Brackets.

Since 2018, I've been working on applications that are not themselves games. Some of these can be found in my experimental/portfolio pages.

As a Composer

I have worked on many personal music projects since I was 12, starting off with a website called Tony-B Machine, then a program called Techno eJay and a website called ButtonBass. Eventually, I found LMMS, and have been working with it for years. I commonly work with VSTs such as the DSK suite, Strings, Synth1, Massive, and Sylenth, as well as the built-in plugins included with LMMS. I have written my own soundtrack for my first larger game project, Unknown Entity.

A screenshot of the Unknown Entity official theme song in LMMS

As an Artist

As an artist, I often work with digital creations. In the past, I have made many digital drawings (originally with Paint Tool SAI, then switched to Medibang Paint and now Krita) and digital designs (typically with GIMP or Inkscape). I also have experience with photography and photo editing (using Photoshop for school projects and GIMP for personal projects). Additionally, I have created art in various traditional media such as acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, oil pastel, chalk pastel, pencil, colored pencil, ink, print, and scratch-art.

Example artwork Example artwork Example artwork Example artwork
Example artwork Example artwork Example artwork Example artwork
Example artwork Example artwork Example artwork Example artwork

I also create my own models for my games. I started out using SketchUp Make when I first started working on games; I eventually switched to Blender around 2017. I have experience with Maya as well, mainly in the context of academic projects.

Example model Example model
Example model Example model
Example model Example model

Other Notes

I maintain a cinematic universe called the LightVerse. The LightVerse is a codex of lore I have written that multiple projects of mine fit into.

I have experience building computers and maintaining hardware (i.e. fixing, upgrading) for existing ones. The build I work with currently, LightWolf02, is my own build. I have used many various operating systems in the past, including Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Manjaro, Windows, Raspbian, Android, LineageOS, iOS, and MacOS. I have also refurbished older desktops and devices and worked with Raspberry Pis (primarily with the purpose of volunteer computing - for stats/notes/etc., see here). I have a WIP list of all the games and tools I've played / used here.

A photo of Light Wolf 02