Project Antimony (Legacy) (2019)
  • Tile-based/atlas-based level designer
  • Saves/reads .dmap files with user-defined widths/heights and texture resolution
  • Can set certain properties such as collision and spawning per tile
GibsoniaCraft (2019)
  • Bukkit-based Minecraft server plugin
  • Adds tools such as hammer, excavator, and lumber-axe to server
  • Adds chunk-loader block that keeps chunks loaded, with resource-intensive recipe to keep game balanced
YetAnotherWeatherApp (2019)
  • Makes use of OpenWeatherMap Weather API
  • Current weather and five day forecast
  • Unit choice and preference saving
Project Archivist (2020)
  • First built in Windows Forms as an under-24-hour challenge
  • Rebuilt in Electron both with JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Creates scripts to run 7-Zip commands to create backup archives
GW-Standard-Unity (2020)
  • Improvements/extensions to Unity UI sliders
  • Robust and highly generalized rigidbody first person controller
  • Demos for features made in the GW-Standard-Unity repo