Project Categories

Project Setting Personal
Team Size 1
Role(s) Creator / Developer
Languages C#
Software/Tools Used Visual Studio (code), Windows Forms (library)
Status Released, Inactive development


Project Antimony is a tile-based level design program based off of a design tool created by Ethan Shea for another project I worked on, 🅱RPG Untitled. My tool focused on condensing and optimizing the code while adding features and personalizing the tool for the personal project I was creating this for. There are still some features I'd like to add to the program, such as tile property indicators (possibly overlayed icons that indicate whether a tile has collision or is a player spawn), condensing properties (a tile can't be collidable AND a spawn, so it makes more sense to condense what is written as #,# to a single #), panning via middle click in the map area, etc.

My Work


  • Use Windows Forms to create an organized, user-friendly interface for level designs
  • Provide options such as map size and optional tile data
  • Read from texture atlases and split atlas into usable tile options
  • Read from and save to custom file format for level designs (stores tile texture position in atlas and info such as if is collidable or is player spawn)
  • Provide option for quickly painting tiles (right click toggles a painting mode, where tiles update via mouse hover rather than click)


These are some screenshots and code snippets that come from the program. Atlas derives from 🅱RPG Untitled.




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