Project Categories

Project Setting Personal
Team Size 1
Role(s) Creator / Developer
Languages Java
Software/Tools Used Eclipse (code)
Status Released, Partially active development


GibsoniaCraft is a plugin created for a dorm Minecraft server. GibsoniaCraft is partially a remake from the ground up of BradzCraft (a plugin made for a previous dorm server) (Credit: BradzTech). There are three goals behind GibsoniaCraft: 1. To have a custom plugin with desired features for for an otherwise lightweight server; 2. To begin learning Java; 3. To begin learning Bukkit API (and subsequent derivatives (-> Spigot -> Paper))

Description from the repository

GibsoniaCraft is my first experience with Java, and is essentially what I used to teach myself Java (using this guide as a resource, additionally looking up conventions for Java along the way). The plugin primarily at its current point adds a few tools and a block to a vanilla Minecraft server. I intend to work with it further, such as expanding upon the chunk loader, utilizing plugin YAML configuration, changes to minecart behaviours, etc. However, the project is low-priority, so updates are currently further-between.

My Work


  • Create listeners for handling block/tool-based events
  • Create utility for validating blocks and tools
  • Utilize Java package conventions and block IDE comments for well-documented and organized code
  • Create various items that represent tools/blocks in Minecraft


These are some code snippets from the plugin



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