This page catalogs my experience/exposure with almost every single creation-based application (that isn't a simple tool, such as conversion tools like Handbrake and LameXP, or isn't super generalized, such as file explorers like 7zip or browsers like Firefox), game, OS, and hardware that I've used/played/etc. Of course, I can't account for everything due to memory and the sheer size of a task like this, so there may be stuff that isn't listed here. This page is still a WIP because of that (and because the list expands as I use new things). This is just a fun little side-project. Last updated: 2020/10/16.

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Note: This list is not yet up to date. Currently covered: Most early 2000s Xbox and related titles, most PC games; To-do: misc games in xsnesx / Surreal64 emulators, possible loose indie game portables, Wii games

Note (Publication Date) - Refers to the first publication of relevant title (e.g., if has multiple release dates depending on region or platform - first release date of those)

Note (Platform) - Refers to the platform of which I have experience with it, not the available platforms. Platforms are listed (within their cells) in order from oldest to most recent experience

Note (Engine) - Most Unity games have either an output_log.txt (<5.x), an .exe / .dll (>5.x), or some other that reveals the version. Unreal 4 games have a Build.version text file in /Engine/Build (older, <4.16(?)) or directly in the .exe (newer, ˜>4.19(?)). Older games are retrieved via Wikipedia or other sources

Title Release Date Developer Publisher Genre Platform Engine / Framework


Some versions are estimates. Ranges given where applicable. X's used otherwise to indicate ranging on minor versions that are mostly irrelevant, or where the starting range isn't known.

Title Developer Description Version


Name Developer Based On / Kernel Platforms Versions


This only includes hardware that I've ever had in my possession, does not include third party stuff (e.g. school computers, friends' consoles)

Manufacturer Brand Model Type Specs (CPU | RAM | GPU | STRG | OS) Purpose