Here you can find some projects I've worked on!


Moon Settler (2020)
  • Sci-fi casual puzzle/city-building hybrid
  • Mix of puzzle-like rules and stats based on building adjacency
  • Models, UI colors, and terrain vary from level to level
  • FOSS demo created within the span of ~1 month
GW-Std-Unity (2020-current)
  • Improvements/extensions to Unity UI sliders
  • Robust and highly generalized rigidbody first person controller
  • Demos for features made in the GW-Std-Unity repo
  • Customizable multi-feature simple-to-use tooltipping system
  • Robust management-game camera system
ChangelingVR Website (2020)
  • Work with a team of four to create a web experience around the vision of a WIP VR game
  • Utilize Vue.js for markup simplification and content setup
  • Incorporate WebGL tutorials for shader application using PixiJS filters
My New Home - 01 . resi (2020-2021)
  • Created game jam game in a period of two months (December - January) which makes creative use of the HQ Residential House asset
  • Recreated the HQ Residential House asset to fit a custom aesthetic for the game
  • Created a dialogue system featuring character emotional expression through emote particles / sound effects and facial expressions


Light-Suite Websites (2015-2020)
  • Collection of three websites: Lightling (portfolio site), Goldenwere (game/software design site), and LightVerse (repository of lore)
  • Responsive, modern designs
  • Designed with accessibility and optimization in mind
  • Electron-based site building app (LV-Site-Builder) generating HTML from JSON content and an HTML template using Node.js/JSDOM
Unknown Entity 2 (2018-2020)
  • Utilize greyboxing for early prototyping
  • Prefab-based rooms that snap together for easier level design creation
  • Improved AI over previous game with differences between enemy entities and implementation of partial player awareness
  • Physically-based UI (based on raycasting and collision)
🅱RPG Untitled (2019)
  • Medium-term / scale (semester-length) team / academic role-playing game
  • Developed keyboard-based control system and interfaces for various gamestates
  • Created grid-based equipped and looting inventory systems
GibsoniaCraft (2019)
  • Bukkit-based Minecraft server plugin
  • Adds tools such as hammer, excavator, and lumber-axe to server
  • Adds chunk-loader block that keeps chunks loaded, with resource-intensive recipe to keep game balanced
Project Archivist (2020)
  • First built in Windows Forms as an under-24-hour challenge
  • Rebuilt in Electron both with JavaScript and TypeScript
  • Creates scripts to run 7-Zip commands to create backup archives
YetAnotherBrickBreaker (2021)
  • 2D browser-Canvas-based JavaScript game
  • Inspired by Reaxxion boss battles, a brick-breaker/pong game
  • Dark neon theme with various difficulty and UX controls
YetAnotherNewsStoryMorphingApp (2021)
  • Makes use of Vue.js, TheNewsAPI, and RiTa.js
  • Performs search results and manipulates them based on selected word genre for writing/art inspiration
  • Saves last results as well as any user-stored results