Light-Suite Websites (2015-current)
  • Collection of three websites: Lightling (portfolio site), Goldenwere (game/software design site), and LightVerse (repository of lore)
  • Responsive, modern designs
  • Designed with accessibility and optimization in mind
  • Electron-based site building app (LV-Site-Builder) generating HTML from JSON content and an HTML template using Node.js/JSDOM
Unknown Entity (Legacy) (2015-2018)
  • Large-scale solo sci-fi first-person-shooter project done in Unity
  • Features like cutscenes, smooth music transitions, and saving (level progression, upgrades, and settings)
  • Swarm-based AI with scaling based on level progression and set difficulty
  • Multiple open-world-like lunar bases with a variety of interior equipment and other story-fitting objects
Unknown Entity 2 (2018-2020)
  • Utilize greyboxing for early prototyping
  • Prefab-based rooms that snap together for easier level design creation
  • Improved AI with differences between enemy entities and implementation of partial player awareness
  • Physically-based UI (based on raycasting and collision)
🅱RPG Untitled (2019)
  • Medium-term / scale (semester-length) team / academic role-playing game
  • Developed keyboard-based control system and interfaces for various gamestates
  • Created grid-based equipped and looting inventory systems
Spleeper (2019)
  • 2D browser-DOM-based JavaScript game
  • Combination of Minesweeper with 2D movement + idea of falling from Spleef minigame from Minecraft
  • Cyberpunk theme/styling with custom made graphics and sounds
MinimalMiner (2019-current)
  • Moderate scale solo shoot-em-up
  • Utilize event-based system and assembly definitions to create more optimal code
  • XML-based theme system that exposes both color information and sprites to player customization
  • Fully open-source, well documentated API