Project Categories

Project Setting Academic
Team Size 5
Role(s) UI/UX Developer
Languages C#
Software/Tools Used Visual Studio (code), MonoGame (rendering framework), Git/GitLab (source control)
Status Late prototype, completed


🅱RPG Untitled is a 2D role-playing game by 🅱eam 8 inspired by classics such as Final Fantasy and Pokémon created using the Monogame framework and C#. 🅱RPG Untitled utilizes a tile-based overworld with monsters that move around and can engage in turn-based combat with the player. The player has a manageable inventory that allows them to loot from these monsters as well as from chests.

My Work


  • Keyboard-based control system used for user interfaces and used by battle mechanics developer and overworld mechanics developer
  • Flat, minimalistic UI fitting the game theme and using a specific color scheme
  • Player inventory system with options for moving items around and dropping them. Equipping requires no special function - player can simply move to the appropriate slot displayed with the rest of the inventory
  • Looting inventory system with options for taking items and swapping them (can also 'swap' an empty slot to dump unwanted items)
  • Creation of primary class that handles game drawing


  • Class diagram to model code after; updated as the project's development progressed
  • UI/UX documentation, both in-code and outside source code
  • Communication with group in order to update other documentation as well
  • Defined file format for items and enemies for generating items/enemies in game without hardcoding them


  • Assistance with other areas of the project, such as AI navigation and animation
  • Managing team timeline and ensuring things stayed on task (especially with the help of Trello)


These are some screenshots, videos, and code snippets that come from the game. Note that these come from different stages of its development (noted in captions)





Source Code UI source (My code)