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Project Setting Personal
Team Size 1
Role(s) Creator / Developer
Languages Java
Software/Tools Used Eclipse (code)
Status Archived
Time Period September 2019 - December 2019


GibsoniaCraft is a plugin created for a dorm Minecraft server. GibsoniaCraft is partially a remake from the ground up of BradzCraft (a plugin made for a previous dorm server) (Credit: BradzTech). There are three goals behind GibsoniaCraft: 1. To have a custom plugin with desired features for for an otherwise lightweight server; 2. To begin learning Java; 3. To begin learning Bukkit API (and subsequent derivatives (-> Spigot -> Paper))

Description from the repository

GibsoniaCraft is my first experience with Java, and is essentially what I used to teach myself Java (using this guide as a resource, additionally looking up conventions for Java along the way). The plugin primarily at its current point adds a few tools and a block to a vanilla Minecraft server. Some plans for the future if I were to pick it up again would be expanding upon the chunk loader, utilizing plugin YAML configuration, making changes to minecart behaviors, etc. However, the server that ran this no longer runs, so the project became low-priority.

My Work


  • Create listeners for handling block/tool-based events
  • Create utility for validating blocks and tools
  • Utilize Java package conventions and block IDE comments for well-documented and organized code
  • Create various items that represent tools/blocks in Minecraft


These are some samples from the project.



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