Project Categories

Project Setting Academic
Team Size 1
Role(s) Creator / Developer
Languages HTML CSS JavaScript
Software/Tools Used Brackets (code), Vue.JS (framework), RiTa.js (API), TheNewsAPI (API)
Status Released (1.0)
Time Period April 2021 - May 2021


YetAnotherNewsStoryMorphingApp is a project created for IGME 330 - Rich Media Web App Development. The goal of this project was to create some sort of meaningful/useful mix of two API. YANSMA used RiTa and TheNewsAPI (with Vue for re-useable UI components) to create "An app that takes existing articles and replaces certain words in the results to generate ideas for writing/drawing/etc, with the ability to store results locally" with the time frame given (approximately a few weeks). There are some features I would've liked to implemented into the project, but did not due to time constraints.

My Work


  • Minimalistic, light-themed, moderately responsive (potentially some untested mobile issues) with a theme befitting the app
  • Simple three-panel layout with search options on the left, search/manipulated results in the middle, and stored results on the right.


  • Clear and well documented class/module structure with inheritance broken up between files like components, classes, and app
  • Clear and thorough error handling and form validation with statuses used in place of results that are reported back to the user


These are some samples from the project.




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