Project Categories

Project Setting Academic
Team Size 1
Role(s) Creator / Developer
Languages HTML CSS JavaScript
Software/Tools Used Brackets (code), Inkscape (graphical assets)
Status Released (1.0)
Time Period November 2019


YetAnotherWeatherApp is a project created for IGME 235 - Intro to Game Web Tech. The goal of this project was to find a third party API and create a web app using it. YAWA makes as much use out of the OpenWeatherMap Weather API as is possible with a free tier and the time frame given (approximately a couple weeks). There are some features I would've liked to implemented into the project, but did not due to time constraints.

Please note: If testing the API, please limit API calls (i.e. searching a location, updating units, or updating view), as the free tier has a limit of 60 calls per minute.

My Work


  • Minimalistic, dark-themed, fully-responsive layout befitting the weather app
  • Scalable vector graphics for custom weather icons
  • Easy controls based on user feedback


  • Grab current weather or five day forecast based on zip code from OWM API
  • Translated API object data into useful information, including converting from meteorological wind degrees to wind directions
  • Save user preference for zip code, units, and five-day versus current, which automatically loads upon the next page load


These are some samples from the project.




App Page Project 2 @
Page Source Source: Project 2
Page Script Source: main.js