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Project Setting Academic
Team Size 1
Role(s) Creator / Developer
Languages HTML CSS JavaScript
Software/Tools Used Brackets (code)
Status Released (1.0)
Time Period February 2021 - March 2021


YetAnotherBrickBreaker is a project created for IGME 330 - Rich Media Web App Development. The goal of this project was to create some sort of experience utilizing the Canvas API. YABB was created with my own mini update/rendering framework that made creating Canvas-based elements and scenes as simple to make and re-usable as possible with the time frame given (approximately a couple weeks). There are some features I would've liked to implemented into the project, but did not due to time constraints.

My Work


  • Minimalistic, dark-themed, moderately responsive (desktop only) with a theme befitting the game
  • Simple controls with two sets of options
  • Ability to pause the game and choose things such as scene and components of enemy difficulty


  • Clear and well documented class/module structure with inheritance broken up between files like scenes, shapes, structs, and classes
  • Utility methods to perform common tasks such as getting random colors


These are some samples from the project.





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