Always learning. Ever evolving.

Developing for a creative world

Specializing in gameplay and frontend development




Below are some select game/software projects I've worked on

That Damn Goat

Party Game | Unity (C#)

Centered around chaos and a goat, a party game by MAGIC Spell Studios for Switch/PC

Forbes Bertie

CMS | Angular (TypeScript)

Front-End Internship working on Forbes' in-house CMS Bertie

GFX Programming Project

A rendering experiment | DX11 (C++, HLSL)

Experimental project to learn DirectX 11 rendering and shaders (including Physically Based Rendering techniques)

Moon Settler

Puzzle City-Builder | Unity (C#)

Casual sci-fi puzzle game: city-building with a focus on placement puzzles rather than resource management


Hi, I'm Devin! I have been working with games since I was 12 and have developed an ever-growing passion for the field. I've also worked with web and software development professionally and personally. I design and develop my own game and software projects under the alias Goldenwere. I'm particularly interested in gameplay and UI programming.