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As a developer

screenshot of player running in first person shooter

The start of my interest in programming began when I was 12, when I checked out a library book on creating an adventure game in Unity. At around 15-16, I began to look more into programming in C# out of frustration at being unable to create my own custom features for my projects. I also wanted to be able to share my own projects in my own ways, so I began to pick up web development to create my own static sites. I went to Rochester Institute of Technology in 2018-2022 for Game Design & development, and from there I began to realize my interest and specialize in gameplay and frontend/UI programming.

Even then, I've been interested in a wide range of programming topics, such as graphics programming, backend development, package development, and VFX. I'm also passionate about accessibility, UX, and open source, because any program is intended to be used by others and so it should be available for any and all to use when possible.

As an artist

pencil drawing of warframe oberon sliding with a bow

When I was young, I drew a lot in colored pencil, and I always enjoyed taking art classes when I could. I bought a small screenless art tablet when I was 14 and begun to work with Paint Tool SAI (in later years moving on to Medibang Paint and eventually Krita), mostly focusing on anthropomorphic characters. I've also enjoyed taking art classes in high school and university and working in mediums ranging from photography/photo editing, oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting, pencil, colored pencil, oil and chalk pastel, printmaking, and scratch art.

I also took up modeling in order to create my own models for games. I started with SketchUp before university and eventually switched to using Blender around 2017 for personal projects and using Maya for university projects.

As a composer

screenshot of music composition in LMMS

When I was around 12, I found a website with a web-app called the Tony-B machine, and I made short compositions and covers with it. A short while later, I bought an old program called Techno eJay that I used for a short while. Eventually, I wanted more control over my sound and looked into DAWs, and I settled on LMMS when I was 14 since it was free. I've been using LMMS ever since then, and have settled on a few styles such as electro-orchestral, synthwave, ambient, and hard electronic.