Project Categories

Project Setting Professional
Team Size 5 directs, numerous other devs/designers/product owners
Role(s) Front-end Developer Intern
Languages JavaScript TypeScript
Software/Tools Used Angular (framework), Visual Studio Code (code), git (Version Control), Quill (library)
Status CI/CD; own role complete
Time Period May 2021 - August 2021


During the summer of 2021, I worked on Forbes' in-house CMS called Bertie. Bertie is a data-driven, AI powered CMS for journalists. My focus was the immediate front-end of Bertie (which utilizes Angular/TypeScript), primarily revolving around UX fixes and improvements.

My Work


  • Completed several bug and UI/UX tickets (6 released, 3 pending by end date) ranging from embeds, image searching, article thumbnails, and cleanup for a new Newsletters project
  • Created and/or modify unit tests for any work done to ensure 100% code coverage
  • Code reviewed numerous PRs during a backlog (17 pull requests, of those 11 released)

Released Ticket Work

  • Addition: Content/article status component in separate first-party package reactive to either an article's content or a custom designated status
    • First implemented in an embed readonly UX improvement for "readonly" status
  • UX Improvement: Image search should refresh when third party library changes and show placeholder text if search had no query yet for queryless libraries
  • Bug: Article thumbnail picking correct image for shopping templates and not updating correctly for when an image automatically used as thumbnail is deleted from content
  • Minor Bug: Sort method not properly sent in image search query for specific libraries
  • Minor Bug: Incorrect text styling for a page related to a new Newsletters project
  • Minor Change: Change URLs used for affiliate link generator

Other Ticket Work

  • UX Improvement: Add readonly state to product embeds to prevent apparent editing in revisions
  • UX Improvement: Retain previous image search (query, filters, and results) when navigating backwards from a chosen result back to search
  • Minor Bug: Remove HTML `p` tags showing up in a text box on a page related to a new Newsletters project


Bertie is a trademark (™) of Forbes®

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