Project Categories

Project Setting Game Jam
Team Size 1
Role(s) Creator / Developer
Languages C#
Software/Tools Used Unity (engine), Visual Studio (code), Blender (modeling), GIMP (texture editing/generation), git bash/Github Desktop (ver. control), Audacity (audio editing), LMMS (music composition)
Status Released
Time Period December 2020 - January 2021


A new housing community part of a larger organization is being built where you, the player, once lived. A nagging feeling called to you to find out the fate of what you used to call home. You discover the organization is developing a VR house touring program decide to look into it to see if it may hold the answer.

Description from the official game page

My New Home - 01 . resi is my entry to the HQ_Residential_House Game Jam hosted by developers corpsepile, Breogán Hackett, and YouTuber John Wolfe. This was a solo submission, where I fully recreated the (in)famous asset HQ Residential House with a certain aesthetic in mind. The game is largely centered around world interaction and item puzzles with interactive dialogue found as you progress.

My Work


  • Studied and fully re-created the House layout using ProBuilder in Unity
  • Created various 3D models in Blender based off pre-determined list of assets seen while studying the House
  • Organized models into batched collections for unwrapping and texturing into unified texture atlases in consideration of runtime performance
  • Set up models with the intention of making as many have the potential to be used in some way as possible (e.g. cabinets with working cabinet doors, etc.)
  • Created character models and ensured they used the same rigs and facial expression setup to make universal animations/expressions


  • Fit the "VR house tour simulator" narrative by making as much of the house (barring large furniture) interactable as possible, with creative uses of house objects for advancing the game story
    • Most objective-related objects can be added and removed from player inventory
    • Certain objects are based on world-interaction, such as a laptop (with a PIN login screen) and a safe (with rotateable knobs)
    • Some objects have actions that are based on whether you have something in your inventory or not, such as a laptop (requires power cable), dining cabinet doors (requires a key) and a stuck note (requires a screwdriver to wedge it from between a TV frame)
    • Many containers use an open/closed state system with Unity's Animator system, such as drawers, doors, cabinets, toilet lids, etc.
    • Some objects can be inspected, such as books and a stuck note
    • Miscellaneous objects with grabbing mechanics applied are deemed 'flushable' and can be flushed down toilets
  • Placed objective-related items around the House in such a way that every room of the house is used
  • Created scripted events such as trigger-based scares, music track changes, and dialogue output around the House and on certain item pickups


  • Created various UI sprites for dialogue emotion particles and UI elements which fit the aesthetic of the game
  • Created a dialogue system with skippable single-character text dumping, defined emotional states for character model animation/facial expressions, and occasional dialogue player response options with character reactions
  • Utilized Unity's Input System to allow for multiple input methods and gamepad cursor movement/actions for various UI elements
  • Designed a level select menu for teleporting between rooms for when the doors are blocked by the narrative antagonist
  • Created an inventory overlay with a context menu that can be open for items in the inventory to allow for removing items, getting hints, or combining them with other items (assuming requisites are also in inventory); inventory provides a warning if it is full when trying to pick up something else
  • Provided options for the player for text output speed, camera rotation sensitivity, and volume controls for various audio outputs


  • Created a short sound track consisting of two cafe-jazz-inspired tracks to fit house exploration and one dark ambient track to fit the endgame mood
  • Recorded and edited various sound effects for the various interactables in the game
  • Recorded and edited dialogue shots (sped up clips of individual letters of the alphabet) for the dialogue system


These are some samples from the project.





Game Page (Download latest build, source code, and audio/graphical (model/texture) assets)